10 abusive uses of tracking technology

18 Jun

10 abusive uses of tracking technology

1. Stalker-friendly– with GPS, stalkers can easily find where you are at the most accurate time.

2. Excess advertisements from stores and companies– stores sometimes sends information almost everyday that it gets bothersome, at some point.

3. Privacy issues– as to what extent can tracking be exercised by the government and the general public? In search for information, the government violates, in a sense, the virtual restriction in utilizing the available information

4. A great accomplice for kidnappers– because of the easy access to information of people’s location, criminals can easily find and map out targets. A great example would be the case of Chowchilla School Bus incident where 26 kids were kidnapped.

5. Online harassment– people can give out your personal information to others and can create false accusations to you. For example, a hater could say that you’re a prostitute and then spread your contact details in public.

6. Cyber crime– people do not have to be present in the said location because they can do bad things they want to do without geographical restrictions.

7. Racial and ethnic mapping– although it was intended for a good cause, racial profiling is still considered an insult by people involved. This was one issue raised against FBI.

8. Copy a person’s identity– because of the information at hand, one can use it in order to project a different identity such as your medical information.

9. Fights between spouse– some spouses abuse the power to monitor their partner.

10. Spam– spam mails are widespred because it is easy to avail personal information about people


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